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Star Wars AAT


Number of pieces: 316

Size: Length-30 studs, Width-24 studs, Height-12 bricks.

This is my Lego take on my favourite vehicle from Star Wars: the Armored Assault Tank used by the battle droids in episode1.

While building this model I tried to combine stability and detailing as well as i could, and at the same time throwing in all the necessary features; as such the main turret can turn all the way and the side cannons, as well as the primary one, can rotate up and down.

The inside of the tank can be accessed by a door on the back, revealing an interior console and enough space for some passengers.

The big upper turret also has an hatch on the top so that it can be used by a battle droid.

And for the last feature: there are two stud shooters in place of the AAT's small, anti-infantry cannons.

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