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Lego City 4x4 with Cattle Trailer

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This is a lego city size green 4x4 with a cattle trailer it comes with a live stock trailer unfortunately i do not own any cows and I'm not going to be able to improve the actual lego cow but the set would be designed with two cows in mind.

What do you get in the set:
1. 4x4 in green with grey back
1. Cattle trailer light grey
1. Farmer
1. Farm dog
1. Farm entrance with gate
1. Straw animal feeder
3. Small straw bails
2. Lego cows (black and white)

I would put the set around the £25-£30 ideally

As you can see single cab right hand drive and a long cattle trailer the 4x4 has full off road tyres and orange lights to go with other sets but most farmers 4x4 have orange lights.

Rear of trailer which has a ramp to get cattle in and out with ease the rear of the 4x4 has room for a farm dog.

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