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Octan Transport Armored Van


The Motorcycle

I thought the motorcycle from the original idea was pretty cool. I decided to keep it, but soup it up (hint, hint, FLAMETHROWERS!!)



The Gadget Car

I decided that the crooks needed some gadgets to boost their potential at becoming rich quick. Therefore I am now introducing the Gadget Car. The Gadget Car is basically a 4-wheeler stocked with awesome gadgets!!! Take a look:


The Getaway Car

​The first of these crook cars is a getaway car. To carry the treasure away from a crime scene, one needs a fast and reliable vehicle with storage for all of the goods. Therefore, I now present the getaway car.


The Drop

I have recently received notice that I now have 60 days to receive 100 supporters. Today I only have 46. To solve the problem, I will be posting numerous updates with changes that might turn the tides.

I decided that the crook's vehicles were no match for the state-of-the-art Armored Van. Therefore, I created three new ones. The next three updates will be to show you these creations from our lab.


New Treasure

I started thinking, "Why do I have an out-of-place staff and a sword in the treasure? BORING!!" I decided to add some real cha-ching in its place. It is a treasure chest filled with 2 $100 bills and some gold coins. Now that is a treasure worth stealing!!!


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