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The Glacier Falls Lodge


Last 7 hours!

Maybe we can get to 3400 in the next couple of hours! :) 


Tragically Ironic Staff Pick!

I didn't even realize until I opened my email inbox that I was suddenly getting all these emails about this project getting a Staff Pick! And how deliciously cruel too, it gets a Staff Pick on the very last day! Ah, well, these things happen. :) Unfortunately, I don't think I shall resubmit as there are other online activities I'm shifting my focus to, but thank you to everyone for your amazing support! 

But, just for fun, keep supporting it until it runs out, let's see if we can't make it a couple hundred more! ;) 


Last day to support!

Thank you to everyone who has supported so far, it's been amazing! Didn't make it to 10,000 but the journey was fun ;) 


3 Days Remaining!

Goodbye Glacier Falls Lodge! It's been real


3300 Supporters!

We only need 1698 in the next 10 days to make it to the 5000 mark. Will you help us? 


Final Two Weeks!

We're approaching the final two weeks of this project!


1 Month Left

We're in the final 28 days, and I'm sorry to say but it looks to me as if this project is dead. Please try and support though, it may yet make it to 4000 or even 5K if we dare to hope! :) 


Getting Close!

Very close to the expiration! 


Only 41 Days Left

It looks like this project is going under :( Thank you all for such a wonderful journey! :) 


Getting close!

Down to the wire! Please support! :)