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Clone Assault Speeder


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   This design is for the LEGO Star Wars brand. The model is about 6in. by 4in. and has about 150 pieces. The model is called the "Clone Assault Speeder" , and comes with a Phase 2 clone trooper, his weapon, and an enemy you can help decide on. The speeder's weapons are two flick-fire missiles, a swiveling heavy blaster cannon, and a pair of light laser cannons.

   If you can support this creation, that would be greatly appreciated, and please tell me how I can improve it. I just can't decide on the enemy the speeder should battle, so ya'll get to decide! Come up with an idea and submit it and I'll come out with my decision in a future update.

   This would be a good LEGO set because of its playability.It is a good size and has a few functions. THe set should sell for around $20 because of its piece size.

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