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Stonehaven Castle


Hey, everyone! Welcome to Stonehaven Castle. This is the first micro-scale castle that I have built.

The front of the castle has a seashell on the front for decoration. There are also a lot of gold studs around the edge of the base, also for decoration.

In the "water" in front of the castle, there is a ship. Since it is a fantasy-style castle, I made sure to include a lot of arches to make it flow better. A lot of castles, especially Celtic (Irish/Scottish) had bridges going from the island to land.

Thanks for viewing this project and please comment. If you support, please comment. If not, then please comment on why. Thanks a lot, because every bit of constructive criticism helps.

I have been designing a minifigure-scale fantasy castle. I have been working, saving up for the $500-$600 worth of parts, so it won't be up here on Ideas for a few months at least.

Thanks a lot for reading, and God bless!

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