Product Idea

The N94 Jetpack Trooper

Notice: The picture with my other mech build is to show how tall it is, and is not a part of this submission. Thanks!

This is my second take on my original version of the The Striker Mech N1-0. This moc contains around 420 pieces and contains some great elements. This mech is set in the future around 2090-3020. This mech would have much playability, and would be great to display on any Lego builders workspace or desk.

The head for the mech is like the original, but has some different slopes and visor. The main portion of the body contains some curved bricks and sloped elements. The back of the body has a jetpack (you can see this better in the second picture), which uses ice energy to power it. The ice energy is made with the ice flame piece.

When building legs and arms for mechs it can be harder than the body. You have to make the at the right angle, and have the correct hinges. The ones I used for the legs and arms are the ball and cup joints, and the older finger hinges. The detail on both legs and arms reflect the future of mechs.

Thanks for supporting and commenting on this moc! Make sure to check out my other mech build.