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LEGO is such a versatile toy! 
You can teach basic math principles with it, help bring about an understanding or appreciation of architecture and design, the list just goes on.

That is why I have made the Microscope project; to teach girls and boys about science, and the fascinating world which surrounds them.

Project needs:

The LEGO Ideas platform requires that a project reach 10,000 supporters before it will be considered by the LEGO company for mass production. This project needs 10,000 people like you to support it! 
Its easy and its free. Simply press on the support button, and as they say, the rest is history!

For those of you who don't have a LEGO Ideas account, its simple and fast. When you sign up, you simply need to enter your email and username, and voila! Your account should be made in under 5 minutes.

Project features:

  • This microscope has approximately 600-700 pieces, putting it in about the $60-$75 (USD) price range.
  • Rotating objectives lens. 
  • Rotating knobs: 
  • Detailed eyepiece.
  • Realistic design.

How you can help:

You may have considered supporting this project, and have asked yourself, how can this project get to 10,000 supporters? The answer: you sharing this project with relevant pages on social media and the Internet. For example, if you know of a scientific blog, or something similar that might be interested in this project, than please at least share this project with them. 
The only way that this project could become a reality and eventually an official LEGO set, is by people hearing about it. 

Closing words:

Now if you haven't already, I would like to strongly urge you to support this project, especially if you would like to see it in classrooms, on store shelf's, and on your display shelf, or for any other reason. 

You can view images of this at my Flickr:

Video of objective lens function:

Video of knobs function: 

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