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Wonders of Nature


Hello dear Lego worshipers!

How not to marvel at the beauty of nature! Take a walk in the jungle, climb a volcano, cross a river or a waterfall ... Cross the path of a parrot, a monkey or a crocodile ...

I created this construction to try to pay homage to Mother Nature, between water and fire! It was made with around 2,500 pieces.
This set could embellish your shelves ;-) but remains playable.
It contains 3 minifigs, a waterfall, a volcano, a river and many animals and plants.
The waterfall opens and leaves accessible a cave and its treasures.
The lava flows along the 2 slopes of the volcano via a conveyor belt mechanism.
I tried to combine different tones of colors to make it look contrasting and bright.

I hope you liked it ! So, don't hesitate to support and especially to comment!
Brickou brickou ;-)

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