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Lego BMW i8


Hi everyone!

I built here a model of a BMW i8, on black and white. It is a great car, so it won`t be bad to have one in your lego collection.

Everything is made with lego bricks,excepting the stickers, which are printed on a trnsparent foil.

Unfortunately, the doors can`t open, because I couldn`t find a system to make them openable. However, I think the exterior is really great, especially the front of the car, as you can see in the photos. The interior is very detailed and you can see things like sport chairs, cupholders and a display. The car has got four seats.

The proportions aren`t so good because the model is a bit tall. You can compare this lego model with the real car.

As you can see it was really hard to make everything look like the real BMW i8. It has got lots of curves and shallows which couldn`t be made with lego pieces. But I tried to make it look realistic, especially the left and the right parts of the car.

I have also built the two motors of the car, but I didn`t take photos of them.

I think this would be a nice set to hold on your desk, am I right?

Please support this project and sorry for the gramatically mistakes... I don`t know very much english.

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