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1930 Bentley 4.5 Litre Supercharged


Here is my latest, and possibly most ambitious, project yet.  A 1930 Bentley 4.1/2 litre supercharged car, most famously associated with the Le Mans races of yesteryear.  I say 'possibly the most ambitious' because it certainly tasked my abilities and imagination to come up with something in Lego which at least resembled the real thing. 

Again compromise was a major factor in building this model.  It is a fine balance between what is accurate and what is achievable with the bricks available.  Purists would say, quite rightly, that there are a number of inaccuracies.  For example the wheels and tyres are too wide and of course they should be wire wheels.  The steering arm should be located underneath the chassis and the front suspension beam is not quite the correct shape but both of these proved impossible to achieve.  Due to lack of space I had to miss out certain engine details and the radiator surround should be more rounded and curve down at the top.  The steering wheel should have four spokes and, of course, the windscreens should be smaller in length and the drivers screen should be half-round.  Overall, though, I am quite pleased with the result and hope other Legoists are too.

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