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Sci-fi Motorbikes



Welcome to the Sci-fi Motorbikes, The aim of this build was to basically add a frame or outer casing to normal Lego motorbikes, creating an impressive out of this world look to them. So please support, leave a comment and share with everyone you know so that they can support also.   

Green bike ("Hercules")

The main parts on this build were Hero Factory leg guards that gave the bike a low, wide and strong look. At a front look (pic 3) the pieces look like air intakes and the back wheel it deliberately lifted of the ground so that the bottom of the pieces become skids to work with the front wheel.

Orange bike (Firebird)

The main build was made using Lego Power Miner pieces used to give the front a wide, fast and streamlined look.


The side frames on the two bikes can be swapped to create a whole new bike and the mini figures can be taken on and off of the bikes. Thank you for supporting and please leave a comment, all feedback is appreciated.





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