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Nuclear Heinz Modified Street Car

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Bianchi Tragic Accident Tribute

As you can see from the front view, sidepods have been added and the wing has changed. This is to resemble the Marussia of Jules.

As seen from the sideview,  the livery has changed a bit. This is to also resemble his car.From the back, more colour changes and the light has been removedI only made this to show the car with the  Marusssia adjustments, this is not for production


6 Wide "Muscle" Version

Another update that I added to the existing MSC chassis. This one is about the 6 stud wide version, whitch will be used for the Ghati season 2 (2015-2016)

As you can see, the bottom spoiler has changed colour to grey, as well as the red piece of the front wing being pulled to almost the window

On this picture you can see the amazing line running from the cockpit to the back of the vehicle

You can see the new muscle car like back lights here. Also the grey 6 wide piece bieng showed there

Looking from the air view, nothing seemed to have changed apart from the body of the car bieng one stud wider

Thats all for now


Major Overhaul


As you can see, it now has headlights, new wheels and a new front wing

Lights are also visible in the back

This is how it looks from the front

And if you look down you will see this