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Dodge Viper Truck


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Everyone is outside on a Sunday afternoon enjoying the beautiful weather when suddenly, there is a rumble. What could it be the skies are blue? It is the Dodge Viper Truck! This truck has the power plant of a V10 Dodge Viper hooked up to a six speed manual transmission. In 2004, this truck set the Guinness World Record for the fastest production truck ever! This truck has all of the features as the real one. It is a single cab regular bed. It has the massive V10 engine under the hood and a full body kit. The interior has bucket seats and a set of gauges. The bed has a cover to reduce drag and a spoiler. The rear has a custom license plate that says Vipered. The rear also features two dual tip exhaust pipes. This truck contains 163 bricks and would sell for $16 to$20 US currency based on parts.

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