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Playground Set 3-in-1 (Climbing Wall, Bridge, and Slide)


With this 3-in-1 set, you can construct your own mini-playground for you your little citizens! The climbing wall allows for entrance into the tower, while the bridge allows you to connect different segments, such as the slide. This starter pack can allow for more planned segments to be connected and make a bigger playground!

Climbing Ramp:
185 parts

164 parts

128 parts

Full Set:
477 parts

Why do I believe this set will be a great Lego set?
I think that a playground captures the essence of childhood. I also think that Lego captures that same essence. If you combine the two, then it makes for a stronger effect. This may also help the detailing of some cities or towns that have playground parks.

Why did I build this set?
I thought that playgrounds usually are divided into different parts, like slides, swings, seesaws, etc. Therefore, I thought a 3-in-1 set would make for a great idea. This idea can be expanded upon further so it is quite versatile.

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