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Flight Of The Navigator


Robot assistant labor facilitator or Ralf from the 1986 Disney movie Flight Of The Navigator.Such a great movie I don,t think it gets enough recognition,neither does Ralf ,after all he is the main reason that David is able to go on his adventure ,David cunningly uses Ralf as a trojan horse to escape his observation room and to then climb on board Max ,the slightly mad space ship.This model is very basic with no advanced building involved, but it captures the essence and simplicity of Ralf ,It has hinged doors on both sides of the model to allow you to post your mail, or to escape from scientists .

from my research this appears to be the first Ralf submitted to Lego although I may be wrong,It would be grate to have this for the 30th anniversary.I think this would look awsome in a collection ,it would fit suitably alongside an Ecto 1 or Delorian time machine.

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