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LEGO Batman: The Mad Hatter's Clock Tower


hello everyone! I hope you support after reading this little description!

this set contains: a clock tower, the Whirly-Bat, and a Man-Eating Plant! it also contains: Batman, Batgirl, 2x Rabbit Henchmen, Mad Hatter, and Poison Ivy! it has some play features such as: Flick-Fire Missiles, an Exploding wall, a spinning winch (on the Whirly-Bat) a opening mouth (on the Man-Eating Plant) and a few stud shooters!

my inspiration for this set was while looking over, and customizing, so I can have every lego batman villain as a minifigure, I realized I didn't have mad hatter! I thought I was as blind as a bat! (no pun intended) so I thought I would make a set to go along with him, and about an hour later after making it, I discovered this website! so here I am, I hope you support this as I put a lot of effort in to it!

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