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Sprint Car 2


This is the second in a series of sprint cars. Just as always, they are sturdy, and have good details. I built this, and others because I have loved sprint cars ever since I first saw them. They are fast, and overall, look amazing!

The sprint car can go 190 mph on the straightest areas of the track, and they have 950 horsepower. They are very fast.

I built this because I saw sprint cars for the first time when I went to a sprint car race, and they were amazing, and they have been my favorite car ever since. I want other people who love sprint cars to enjoy them in LEGO, that is, if my car/cars win, and people like them. This includes:

  • a white and green with a little bit of gray sprint car
  • a podium for the sprint car
  • a second place podium
  • opening roof
  • hair and a helmet for the minifigure
  • one minifigure

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