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Here I present to you my Trebuchet! 

I could go into details about the grand trebuchet, it's influence and effect on siege warfare or use in city defenses during battles filmed mostly in New Zealand, but most of you know about this amazing war machine already, so I shall just go into the model briefly instead.

I have specifically looked into this as both a fully working model, AND a detailed display piece that isn't too big to put on your shelf. For grown ups and kids alike.

This model set fits on a decorative base that is 20 notches wide at the widest, and tapers to the actual display fitting onto a single 16 x 16 base, so this will not be one of those sets that you have to either have a huge amount of space for, or will have to break apart each time.

Whilst I have yet to make this out of real lego, it has been tested through LDD to ensure all rotations and parts do fully work, and it is my aim to purchase the individual bits to make this myself. Once I do, it will be added as an update on here.

The digital designer has not, however, allowed me to produce the sling which would be attached to the end of the arm. This would be a simple cloth piece that could be made out of the same material as minifig capes/ skirts/ gowns etc etc. That or another option is the use of the scoop, which I have pictured. Not being able to put the sling on is a great shame for me, but when I do it for real, I will make one and install it.

If you like this, have comments, want to sing praises or give constructive critisism, my 'comments page' is always open. 

Or, if the historical genre is your scene and you want to see outposts, forts, city gates or ambushes on unaware scouts, see my other projects!

I think this is something that is really missing from Lego stores, something that can be used for real, as well as an elegant show piece. With the scale of the model it could even work against the Lego Castle Series, or even the Ninjago. Lets see if it can't be brought to reality!

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