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Sunny Beach House


Welcome to Sunny Beach House!

This is the first ever time I have shared one of my designs. I am a teenager from Nepal, which is a very beautiful and mountainous country, but it is landlocked between China and India so we don't have any beaches or sea. I've never been to the beach or seen the sea, so I was inspired to create a design which took kids like me to different, exotic places in their imaginations.

The Beach House would be located somewhere warm and tropical, only being a short distance away from the ocean. It has several features, including:

- a small, private swimming pool.

- sun loungers for the minifigs to relax and work on thier tans.

- a stone gravel path which leads to the nearby shops

- a removable roof to get easy access to the bedroom

- inside there is a warm, comfy bed with a bedside lamp and chest for storing clothes or treasure!

This is a very simple design, which is easy to build for young kids while also being a colourful and fun display piece for adults. I hope you like it!


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