Product Idea

LEGO Up House

Hi, it's Jimbricked here from YouTube. I decided I wanted to build something iconic from a kovie and chose to do so from the Disney movie "up". 

The colors were so fun! I always loved this house growing :)

The hardest part of builing this was the angles on the roof.


-Could use a lot more structural support, The digital software I use is limited to ,mobility,

-NO INTERIOR. Needs more work done on the insidie

-Totally fogot a chimney, It was 4 a.m.

-I think balloons from the chimney would look great

-I WANTED to use a lot of rare colors because I want to see LEGO release a set with really rare  colors and parts

Not too much more to say on this build. I really like using these rare colors and really hope we can get these on a set in bulk.