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Lego Season Trees


Hello everyone! Since I discovered lego ideas website I’ve been thinking about my project. I built huge bases, big and complicated landscapes, but in the end I just thought, what if I will do something simple, original and small. Yes, my idea started from this words. While waiting a year to become  13 to log in to lego ideas, everyday I looked at the window and I’ve seen how the trees changed with every season. So yes, here I am to introduce you my Lego Season Trees! In the project there are four season trees. The first one is a summer palm tree, the second one is the autumn oak tree, the third one is a winter Christmas tree and the last one is a spring apple tree.

The project is good because in different times of years you can put in your house, office or even in hotel a lego season tree. For example: It is summer, and you are in a beautiful villa next to the sea, and you are just sitting in a chare, in your balcony, watching the waves and in front of you there is a table, a table without anything on it. Why not to put a lego summer palm tree on it?

It is autumn, and you are in your boring office doing your job and looking outside the window where you see red, orange and yellow colors. Your table is absolutely occupied with papers and pencils. Why not to put a lego autumn oak tree on it?

It is winter, and you are in your living room decorating your Christmas tree. But when you go to your bedroom, there is absolutely nothing to do with Christmas (you won’t buy another Christmas tree to put it in your bedroom, right?). Why not to put a lego winter Christmas tree in your bedroom?

It is spring, and you are in your garden watching the bees and flowers but when you walk in your house, where is spring has gone? Well why not to put a lego spring apple tree in your house?

So, yes, I just gave you 4 reasons why this set might be great to have. Support my project if you want it to become a set and if you just want to buy it :)

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