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Miniature Helicopter Supreme


Thank you!!!

For all the supporter since I submitted the helicopter, I thank you for all 21 of them! 

Thanks for the comments as well!


New Propeller and More Stability

Hello again. I went to my old model of the helicopter and modified the look based off the LDD design. I'll give you a summary of the changes. I've changed the propeller to a more reasonable size. I've added stability to the upward rod by adding a "holder" to the top. Here are some pictures to show you.


The "holder" can be removed easily by a light force and put back easily to complete the look.

The complete look:

The complete helicopter:

As you can see, the original picture looks different from what the helicopter looks like now. Comment (if you don't mind) about your opinion about the new changes. Don't be confused by my other updates. The LDD design is what is ideal. I've just added the changes from LDD to my actual model. Personally, I like my colourful model but you can tell me what you think. Thanks for all the support for these who have supported this. Please tell others in the Lego ideas community about this if you want this to be a reality.

Thanks for your time!



Wow! 18 supporters!

I can't believe I've got 18 supporters for the helicopter! It may not seem like a lot, but,to me, it is awesome. Thanks for the support for my first project on LEGO Ideas. It's great to see that one of my ideas is somewhat good. But I'm not updating just to thank for all the support. I added to my model.I've adjusted the back to have a smooth transition.I think you can check my other update is see the difference. I made the hole under the propeller smaller, from 2x7 to 2x6. See the picture below.

It may be hard to notice from my other pictures but it's there. That's all for now, and again, thanks for all the support!


A New Look and a New Part Added

I decided to do my project in LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) to just see and show what my final vision likes. I've changed colours on it and made them flow throughout the section unlike my original prototype. See the difference?



(Sorry for the cutoffs)(What isn't in the new pictures are the bits on the propeller. L.D.D was making me mad by not allowing those parts to attach) 

I've add a tail to the back and I think it is a good addition.

Here are some other pictures for your viewing.

Cool, huh! Tell me what you think about the new look. I hope this helps you see the potential of this helicopter as a set. If you like the new look, support it and tell your friends about this.

Thanks for the support!