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Miniature Helicopter Supreme


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Get ready for lots of fun with the supreme-o of all helicopters! 

 This helicopter has the potential to do anything your mind comes up with. You could put anything in it that satisfies your fun-meter. It has a gear system in it that drives the propeller. Imagine all the fun time you could have flying this helicopter around! There's a reason it's called Helicopter Supreme.

With dimensions of 280 mm long x 100 mm wide x 80 tall, it will on to any normal-sized shelf. It has a lid that opens up the helicopter when you are ready to play and close when you are done playing. The lids do move up so you will have to remove the propeller to open and close the lid. Under the lid, it is a center-based layout. The center is the gears required for moving the propeller. I made the hallway "rotate" around the center so that if this was built in real life, it would ensure it would give access to the back of the helicopter. The front pit of the helicopter even comes off! You have lift the lid first to reach the techy cockpit that controls the helicopter.

Just think about all the fun you could have displaying and playing with the ultimate miniature helicopter. It can hover, turn its propeller, and even have passengers (only in the front and back as the design makes the hallways small). Just imagine how it would turn a room from boring to amazing! Get ready to fly high!

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