Product Idea


The Chalet

I want to present you one Chalet in the mountains. It has a structure with two floors, simply, nice and with realistic colours.

Inside there are: a modern kitchen, with all indispensable elements;  two bathrooms one on every floor; two living rooms with TV, one stove to keep the temperature pleasant and, two bedrooms, one with double bed and other with one single bed. In the kitchen I have to project: one sink, the stove and in the end one fridge.

I placed some glasses in to inside the set, too.

I think up the Chalet for children, for collectors and for architects.


My infancy

I wanted  to learn ski, but unfortunately I hadn’t got this opportunity. Then, when I started this project, I thought the snow: since I was a little girl, I always went out with my brother for to play with those beautiful and soft snowflakes, I lie down on the white mantle and start making angels; launch snowballs or only admire that pure white that when it came down from sky and she lay on my body, for me it was a magic moment.

I wanted with all my heart to live every day in the snow.

Then at that moment I started making a small draft, following my imagination: I thought to create it for both children, boys and adults.

My project

The beauty  of my project is that any child can play, because you can remove the top floor and the roof, so you can a better view of the different floors and your son will be able to invent thousands stories that will take place in this set.

Around the Chalet there is a lovely garden with tulips and roses of all colors.

In the sitting room of the second floor, there are large glass windows from which you can admire the majestic scenery of the mountain.

The most important thing is that to realize this project, I put all my heart.


I hope you like my project.