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Obsidian Vulture


The "Obsidian" Vulture :

This is the Vulture, one of the best combat ship from the space simulator Elite Dangerous developped by Frontier. 

I tried to create this project accurately compared to the game model while having a good resistance and a minifig inside the cockpit even if it has not the right scale. 

I love Elite Dangerous, and more precisely the vulture, it's an amazing combat ship with a beautifull style. So I decided to make a lego one to share my passion. It is black with stone grey and light grey, that's why i named it ''Obsidian'' because the game one isn't that black.

Features :

  • A cockpit with a minifig
  • 2 removable minigun that you can replace with other weapons as beamlaser, pulse/burst laser, canon etc... (i'll provide all those weapons in future updates)
  • A retractable landing gear
  • A minifig (I want to make a accurate replica of the ED pilot, with both male and female faces)

As a huge fan of ED, it would be amazing if you could support me to make a dream become reality. Support, leave comments, and stay tuned for the upcoming updates! :D


NB: Sorry for the bad english, i'm french ;)


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