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Steven Universe's Beach House

Welcome to the home of Steven Universe - the Beach House!  This set is half of the house that includes:
- The living room,
- Steven's bedroom,
- The bathroom (a.k.a., Perdot's room), and
- The entrance of the Crystal Temple, including the Temple Gate and a Warp Pad.

I built this set because of the LEGO Ideas Tree House.  I loved the little details in each tree house so much that I was inspired to build my own house.  I settled on Steven Universe because it's one of my favorite shows, and I loved the background art; I thought they were drawn and painted beautifully, everything from the design to the color to the lighting.  So I built one of the most seen backgrounds in the show, the Beach House.

With this set, fans of the show will have fun exploring Steven's house, recreating scenes, or just enjoy having Steven Universe on display.  So if you believe in Steven, please support!

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