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London Apartments


Hello everyone,

This set is a Victorian modular type building, complete with minifigures. It includes three separable levels and two male minifigures and two female minifigures. There are stairs and railings going up to the door along with a sidewalk with lamp posts. There are four total apartments in this set. Each apartment has it's own color scheme. The first level of apartments has lights and smooth wood floors. The second level has chairs, tables, writing desks, and lights. The third level has chair(s), drawers, chests, boxes, and letters. As you might be able to tell, from left to right the apartments are as follows...

1) This apartment belongs to the brown haired man.

2) This apartment belongs to the brown and red dress lady.

3) This apartment belongs to the black haired man.

4) This apartment belongs to the green dress lady.

There are many pictures on here so that you may see every detail.

Thank you all!

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