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London Telephone Booth


The telephone booth is a usual, everyday sight when walking through the streets of London. It's just as noticeable as the red London bus. If you supported my design of the London Bus, then surely you'll like this new landmark.

What would these streets be like without the iconic red telephone booth that is part of British tradition? Hopefully the mobile phone industry doesn't grow large and replace the familiar rectangular, red booth.

My model consists of 145 bricks and 3 Lego minifigures, one with a cup of coffee and one with a suitcase.

I have illuminated the model so that the interior can be more visible otherwise it would have been too dark to view. The interior of the model has the telephone and the dialing panel as well as newspaper cutting on the wall.

Iam hoping that all my traditional British designs (London Bus, Post Box and Telephone Booth) will gain enough support so that they can form a collection. 

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