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The Black Bounty


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This is the Black Bounty, the destiny's bounty when stolen and redesigned by Lord Gamadon.

I wanted to make a Ninjago 5th anniversary set. So I decided to build this because I thought this was really cool in the television series. I also wanted to make a full scale model of it the Destiney's Bounty.I think this would be a great set because, even though we've had two Destiney's Bounty sets, neither have had much size or interior. Also there has never been a black one.

Set features include, 2 cannons, a desk with a secret compartment and hidden book,11 minifigures, a prison cell, a spinjitzu spinner, a kitchen, a captains cabin, treasure, the ninja's bedroom, and removable decks. Minifigures are, Lord Gamadon, Skales, 2 snake warriors, Captain Soto, bizzaro Zane and Jay, pirate disguise Zane and Jay, Lloyd, and Dareth


Happy Ninjago's 5th anniversary!





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