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Micro & Desktop Foosball


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To mark the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, here is the Lego set that you need to be able to redo the soccer games! This project was born from a wonderful idea of my daughter Alizee (which is a football fan), and I hope you will share this great idea and support this project ;o)
Have it fun, ---------------- GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL !---------------------

The "Micro" model is composed of 366 Lego bricks, it measures 32 studs = 25,50 centimeters long, 14 studs = 11,25 centimeters wide and 10 studs = 7,75 centimeters high.

The "De Luxe" model is composed of 662 Lego bricks, it measures 38 studs = 30,25 centimeters long, 22 studs = 18,25 centimeters wide and 12 studs = 9.50 centimeters high.

Here are the prototypes in real bricks . These designs have been tested extensively by my children. they are solid and functional! For the "Deluxe", the minifigures are fixed by the neck and also the bottom of the feet and on the supporting axis, with three "vertical Holder" YES, no chance that rotates or moves off!

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