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LEGO Camper


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LEGO® Campers are definitely (in my opinion) some of the best LEGO® sets, so I decided to build this one back in 2021. I have been working on it pretty slowly since then. The first version was physical, but after five failed attempts of uploading the physical camper, I decided to build it digitally.

Some details include the coffee pot on the counter inside, a table which can be folded back up into the wall, some bunk beds in the back of the trailer, a ladder up the top bunk in the front, a television next to the door, and a stand on then bottom that can be folded up when the trailer is attached to the pickup.
The trailer is made up of 344 bricks. The chairs can remain inside, or be set up outside. There is a TV to the right of the door, and a remote is also included inside. There are two bunk beds in the back, and a top bunk in the front. The kitchen includes a a sink, a stove, a coffee pot and a fridge. The trailer is able to be attached and detached easily with a technic pin, without coming apart all the time.

THE PICKUP has a round 2x2 tile with a hole in the middle for the technic pin on the trailer to slide into. It also has a tool box in the back. It is built out of 149 pieces.

I used the amazing to build and render this project which consists of approximately 505 parts.

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