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Privateer Corvette Guinevere


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Enter the unknown.

The Sojourn is an original audio drama written and produced by Daniel Orrett, creator of the popular web-series, Spacedock.

On the brink of total collapse, the nations of the Tantalus Cluster put together the Avalon Expedition, an attempt to explore a nearby nebula for new resources. The Avalon Expedition is led by Director Elizabeth Ancelet.

The Guinevere, a Privateer Corvette and the only assembled prototype of the Huntress-Class Ambush Corvette Program, is home to the heroes, Cassandra Farren, Mathias Croft, and Tamara 'Meds' Melari.

This model is based on 3D renders by EC Henry and artwork by Leon Woon, featured in:
"The Sojourn | OFFICIAL TEASER | The Guinevere Revealed"
"The Sojourn: Huntress Class Ambush Corvette (Guinevere) - Ship Breakdown"
"The Sojourn | Volume One Teaser"
"The Sojourn Audio Drama | Launch Trailer"
You'll find the YouTube playlist featuring these videos and more here.

664 pieces
4 Minifigures

The Guinevere makes use of highly complex shaping and curves. I am certain that many would love to have a physical copy of this very unique and gorgeous design.

Help this set become a reality for so many people!

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