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EX-S DrC Dragon Fly Explorer Ship Scout Drone Carrier BI-B


Whether it is seeking to exploit the riches of the asteroid belt or searching the surface of an unexplored planet for resources or the occasional lost person the EX-S DrC Dragon Fly Explorer Ship Drone Carrier is the ship for you.

Designed by the geniuses at ExoSolar Corporation's shipyard the Dragon Fly comes standard with he following features:

  1. Ship pilot and drone pilot (one female, one male),
  2. 4 independently moveable wings,
  3. 4 wing mounted full spectrum sensor arrays capable of being precisely dropped or fired from a distance,
  4.  Scout Pulsar Thrusters capable of achieving speeds equal to those of the A-L BS Mk VIIb Valkyrie,
  5. 3 vertical lift thrusters allowing take off and landing in the roughest terrain,
  6. 2 Yellow Jacket scout drones with over a 1000 km independent operating range,
  7. 4 segment drone bay capable of dropping drones on the fly

Designed to provide a non-typical space/atmospheric ship, the Dragon Fly set is meant to be moved by the creator and thereby encouraging the creator to move in the physical and imaginative world's simultaneously . From the poseable wings, to the drone bay, to the independent drones, and the Dragon Fly itself movement of the creator and set is inherent to and explicitly implied by the design. 

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