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Earth & Moon Orrery


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This orrery uses a simple gearing system to rotate the Moon around the Earth in an almost accurate 26 days.  

Along with this, the earth is also angled at 22.5° only 1° away from the actual 23.5° angle.

The moon is also orbiting in a slight elliptical/oval shape just like the orbit of the real moon. 



Along the sides of the plinth, there is a design of the solar system, including Saturn and its rings.  

Together with this is a model of the Earth and moon on one side. On earth, the countries North and south America can be seen 


Additional Information

This set contains 628 Pieces 

Lego Digital designer was used to create this and some pieces will not be available in certain colors. 


Please support and get this product on shelves and feel free to leave any suggestions and feedback the help the set become better.


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