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Walker SpaceSquad


This walker belongs to the main fraction, which is ready to fight against the Empire and help the rebels. This is my first idea, but I had to fix or even replace some parts. There are not very many details, but I think that everyone will like. I used a program to create such a miracle.

And now to the general parameters. This model has an amount of 225 parts, created a huge fighting machine. This model is ideal for fans and collectors. It is easier to collect and arrange with him the real role-playing games.

Now, in the main. Who are they SpaceSquad?

SpaceSquad - underground-military organization leading the fight against the Empire and secretly supplying information or weapons Resistace. They produce mainly heavy machinery or using the latest technology for the creation of large ships or fighters. Now they plan to extend their arms to fight against the First Order. The day will come, and SpaceSquad will win with the Resistance.

All information brings a fantastic sense for the sake of expanding the range of Star Wars. Further instructions will be later. Possibly in the form of video. 

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