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Here's my latest creation, the Fastbacks! Might be a short title, but hey what else is there to say. These are two 1969 Ford Mustang Fastbacks that were suggested by MgX5montana. He told me and LegoBricker to build it, and we proudly built them as a joint project. This project has a lot of time and effort put into it. I used POV-ray rendering to get this project looking really nice, and Online Image Editor to put all writing, and the Vignette on the render. Starting with LegoBricker's sweet looking Fastback, he has went with a more city style build. He chose cherry red with black and light grey accents. He even did black out windows! Moving on to the second car. This one takes on more of the classic look with a beautiful dark green with black and light grey accents. Both have a fully detailed interior with a steering wheel, two black seats, speedometers, and a complete dash. Both have the classical mustang taillight. LegoBicker's has two taillights sets while mine sports the three taillights sets. The fronts also have differences. LegoBricker's features two headlights, while mine has the two extra headlights in the grille. LegoBricker has also incorporated a hood scoop. These two beautiful gems contain a grand total of 269 pieces and would probably sell for $30 US currency.


Thank you all for supporting, and a huge thanks to LegoBricker for his work on this project! We both greatly appreciate your support, and please help us get to the 10k dream!

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