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Hot Rod "Gamma X-1"

Hot Rod "Gamma X-1"

Hot rods are typically old, classic American cars with large engines modified for linear speed. The origin of the term "hot rod" is unclear. Roadsters were the cars of choice because they were light, were easy to modify, and could be bought for a low price. The term became commonplace in the 1930s or 1940s as the name of a car that had been "hopped up" by modifying the engine in various ways to achieve higher performance. A term that was common in the early days to refer to a hot rod was a "gow job". This has fallen into total disuse except with historians. (Source: Wikipedia)

The Gamma X-1 is my own imaginary version of a Hot Rod and, I must admit it, it's pretty EXPLOSIVE and HOT!


  • N° of Bricks (Hot Rod only): 1444
  • N° of Bricks (Platform only): 109
  • N° of Bricks (Total): 1553
  • N° of Characters: 1 (Pilot with Flag and Trophy)
  • Difficulty Level: 8/10

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Are you challenging me and my Gamma X-1 in a race? Well...CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Let's see if you'll be able to support this LEGO Set and reach each number of supporters.

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A huge thank you goes to the LEGO Ideas Community for the support received. It means that I made a good work and that people are appreciating it. Keep supporting this project and we'll be able to make it into an official LEGO set.

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