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Preparing the Flight


Beaten to it!

Have you seen the images for 40499: Santa’s Sleigh yet?
If you've seen them, then you'll have worked out that this Ideas idea is now redundant.
OK, so it hasn't got a plinth, or the snowy floor or the stables for the reindeer - but it's a cracking looking sleigh set.


Thank you, x100

Hurrah. The project made it past the first hurdle thanks to 100 of you lovely people.

Now, onto the next challenge.

Please spread the word about this lovely Christmassy piece, and help it climb onwards and upwards :o)


To Build or Not To Build A Deer

When I first began thinking about the design for this idea, I looked at the moulded Patronus Stag figure from the Harry Potter 'Expecto Patronum' set and wondered whether a redesign, in standard reindeer colours would be better than using individual bricks to create reindeer like figures.

With the recent release of the latest Winter Set, Elf Club House, and it's reindeer piece I can now see how a moulded reindeer would look within 'Preparing the Flight'.

Which version would work better in the set?


On and Off the Plinth

This project allows the sleigh and reindeer to be removed, and so that they can be placed in the correct position when returned, there are tile elements on the plinth that allow repositioning easily and quickly. In addition, the sleigh rests on a transparent round column, offering further support.

Sleigh tiles;

Reindeer tiles;
(Note - the tiles for the reindeer are not red, I've just highlight them to show their position)

Sleigh Support;


Sleigh Details

Here are close ups of the sleigh from the front, side and below.

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