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Preparing the Flight


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"Preparing The Flight" is a seasonal display piece that would provide a talking point in any room over the holidays.

On Christmas Eve, the North Pole workshop is a very busy place. The workshop Elves have polished the sleigh, taken it from the garage and placed in the courtyard. The reindeers have been led from their stables and harnessed together in front of the sleigh, with Rudolph taking pride of place because of his red nose. Last minute additions to the collection of presents on the sleigh are being loaded by a rushing Elf, as Santa sits on board, reins in hand, ready to usher the call and start his yearly adventure.

This idea features;
- Five North Pole Elves minifigures.
- A Santa minifigure.
- Removable sleigh and reindeer.
- Eight stables, each with working door and a label above with the name of a reindeer.
- A double door leading to the sleigh garage.
- External lanterns to provide light to the Elves in the courtyard.
- Wood panelling on the walls around the courtyard.
- Sloping 1x1 pieces given the impression of falling snow across the ground.

The set is designed on a plinth layout, and includes a labelled tile with the name of the set.
The reindeer and sleigh can be removed from the display and positioned elsewhere if required. Tile elements on the plinth allow the reindeer and sleigh to be positioned back on the plinth when needed. 

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