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Indiana Jones Temple


This is the opening temple scene from Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Arc. It comes with a hidden opening, a spikes and fire hallway, a huge throne room with a cool idol in it, and on the way out, a boulder that rolls after Indiana Jones. It's pretty fragile for now, but with more lego bricks and more support I could make it so much better.

The throne room is basically exactly what it sounds like. It has a cool idol in it, a pile of coins, a bunch of torches, and a stone to put on the platform instead of the idol to keep the temple from collapsing. The entrance has a hanging bat in it, a hidden door that is covered in greenery, hieroglyphics on the walls, and broken rocks everywhere. The boulder room has, obviously, a big boulder that, when a stick is removed, rolls down the hallway, some more hieroglyphics, and a weird way of connecting to the other platforms. The "spikes and fire room" has, you guessed it, spikes and fire. It also has a skeleton in it and a pressure plate that "activates" the spikes and fire.

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