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Tintin - The Land of Black Gold (Desert Sandstorm)

This is an example of how lovely and collectible Tintin theme can become, should it make it's way to the LEGO factory.

Tintin and The Land of Black Gold
Desert Sandstorm

Characters available in this set:
- Tintin
- Tintin's dog, Snowy
- Two policemen Thomson and Thompson
- Doctor Muller

Red Jeep with some equipment.

The characters may be constructed by using already existing items adding some different faces and clothes. They could also be produced by sculpting completely new heads (together with characteristic noses and paintwork) to give this theme another original dimension.

For example, Tintin's characteristic hair can be achieved by painting a regular head or adding hair element (which would enable users to play with different head elements like hats etc). This can also be achieved by sculpting entirely new head elements for all the characters within the series, thus making it more original and desirable.

Thompson and Thomson together with Tintin and trusty Snowy wouldn't go far through the hot desert without a red, detailed jeep straight from the pages of the book.
There is a space for two policemen, Tintin and his dog Snowy plus some equipment.
Spare tyre just in case there's a puncture, detailed dashboard with steering wheel, two seats in front and space at the back.
The additional equipment includes:
- wooden crate with a lid
- two guns (one for Doctor Muller and one for Tintin)
- little case
- a walking stick used by policeman
- little rucksack
- repair key

The final product can have a mixture of different equipment, for example a gas tank, map or some food items.

The whole set together with a detailed red jeep, policemen Thompson and Thomson, Doctor Muller, Tintin and Snowy.
Note the different headdress Tintin is wearing, something much better for harsh desert conditions (again, as in the graphic novel).

Another look at the red jeep Thomson and Thompson used to find Tintin in the desert.

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