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Pirate Ship Ride


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Thank you for visiting my LEGO Pirate Ship Ride project.  

It is a motorized LEGO swing pirate ship powered by only one LEGO PF XL-motor (8882) and a LEGO PF battery (8881) which can accommodate maximum 16 minifigures.  

Experience the adventure spirit of Pirate Ship Ride, you can ultimately feel the speed and the excitement of the massively swinging force! The swinging range amazingly reach up to 41cm!  Please watch following video demonstration to see how it works: 

My creation also come with a platform under the pirate ship. It is not just a platform but also an all-in-one building. Firstly, you will find an amusement park store with 3 counters that staff is selling snacks, souvenirs & tickets. It can be easily take out the store walls for you to change the configuration of the store. Secondly, On the top of the right hand side, you will find a control tower and the entrance of the ship. Thirdly, on the bottom of the left hand side, there is a 1:18 ship model showcase.  


The dimension of the LEGO Pirate Ship Ride:  

Length: 48 studs, 38cm (base only)   

Width: 24 studs, 17.5cm (not include motor and Gear box. 27cm for including)  

Height: 51cm  

Ship Length: 60 studs, 48 cm  

Ship Width: 7-9 studs, 5.5-7cm  

Trust me, it will be the best set to display with official sets of Ferris Wheel - 10247, Carousel - 10257 & Roller Coaster - 10261. By putting them together, you will have a 5 stars LEGO amusment park!  

If you like my project, please support and share because LEGO may release my creation if it got 10,000 supports.  

Thank you very much for your support!  

Best regards,

Lee Yung Chiu, a MOCer@ Hong Kong  

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