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Front Gate of Erebor


I believe that TLG has severely overlooked a number of potential Lego sets in the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings themes and this is one of them.

This set contains 408 pieces

7 Minifigures: Ori (regal dwarf armour); Nori (regal dwarf armour); Dori (regal dwarf armour; Bofur (regal dwarf armour); Bombur (regal dwarf armour); and a pair of elves.

I have designed weapons for each of the dwarves, which I am very proud of, I also really like the way Bombur's horn came out.

This set has many features which include:

  • 2x removable weapons racks each with two spears
  • an armoury which has two short swords and a chestplate
  • a dwarvern statue
  • Head can be knocked off the statue to help the dwarves seal the entrance
  • an exploding piece of wall similar idea to the Helm's Deep set
  • and can combine with set 79018 the Lonely mountain

given the program I use The printing on the dwarves isn't very good so I have provided pictures of what the dwarves looked like in the movies so you can get an idea of what they will look like.


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