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Metroid 30th Anniversary Set


With 2016 being the 30th Anniversary of the Metroid franchise, I thought I'd re-submit Samus' Gunship as a stand alone model with Samus and Metroid Minifigs and now with a Logo Stand to complete the set.

The set is made from 548 bricks and requires no new moulds, only custom decals. The Gunship can easily be removed from the stand and the Gunship's roof can be removed for access to the cargo hold and pilot's chair.

The only complications for this set would be reaching the 10,000 supporters and gaining licensing from Nintendo.

If there were to be any additions to the set, I'd probably only suggest a Zero Suit Samus Minifig or possibly a Space Pirate. Other than that though I think anything larger would only complicate the overall set.

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