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2-Player Table Basketball


We are at the halfway mark to 1,000!

Thanks everyone for all the support you've shown as we countinued to gain supporters!  We now have 500 supporters which is a really big accomplishment that I've always dreamed of reaching.  I would also like to thank all of you for your complements and contructive criticism.  I'm still determinging whether or not I should make a lego minifigure basketball team.  However, I am working on a big and interesting update that I'll release if we can make it to the 1,000 supporter mark.  So let's keep it up and make it to 1,000!  Please help spread the word through social media or just talking about this set with your family and friends.  To end this update off, I would like to thank the lego ideas team for giving me that staff pick; it really helped the idea start picking up supporters agian. :)


Thank you for 100 supporters!

Thank you all for helping me reach the first milestone of 100 supporters!  It happened faster than I could ever imagine and please help spread the word so that we can reach 10,000 supporters and have a chance of this becoming a set.  Also, I'll usually be using the update section instead of changing my whole product idea because it's just easier and I'm more used to it.  Below is a video celebrating us reaching 100 supporters on this project! Thank you so much! :)

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