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Soldier's House


Welcome to the soldier's house.

It is a small and compact house with 696 parts, but it contains many accessories, 5 figures of people and a dog.
Outside there is a classic house in European style, next to it there is a small piece of land planted with flowers and in the backyard with tools with a table.
For a moment and a small cube moves and becomes a 4-room house.
On the first floor there is a kitchen and a living room. The kitchen has a stove, plates and accessories for the kitchen, in the living room there is a bookcase, bedside table with drawers, table and 5 chairs.
On the second floor there is a children's room and a bedroom for parents.
In a family, two children have an adult daughter and a small son. Both rooms have beds and bedside tables, the parent also has a chair and a father's form, with a saber (he is a kopitan of the fort).
The set is small, but the playability is at a good level, soon the homes of their neighbors, taverns and other buildings from this series will appear.
If you have any comments or questions, write, I'm interested in your opinion)
Good luck to all!)