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Mustang Alpha


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 I have built the Mustang Alpha from the Upcoming game Star Citizen. I have seen many Star Citizen models built but one that got me inspired to build this was nosmigon's F7A Hornet (which is currently in review). But I wanted to be Unique! I have seen many Star Citizen ships made but not once have I seen a Mustang Alpha made!

So I made one... and I believe it truly has the potential to get 10,000. But hey, even 1000 would make me happy. Since I do not have all the pieces needed I could not build one of these in real life so I hope my LDD models will do!

The Mustang Alpha has many variants including the popular Delta Fighter variant. I plan on building a few of these and have even started on one of them! Now I bet this model will go through many changed through out its lifetime on LEGO Ideas so don't except it to be perfect right away!

Some facts about the model:

  • only 571 pieces!
  • Detachable front!
  • I am currently working on designs for an opening door in the back
  • Opening cockpit
  • comes with one(1) pilot and two(2) officers
  • one Hover Re-fueler

I think it would be amazing to see this set along with other Star Citizen ships to become a whole line of sets! I hope this does well mainly because of the popularity of Star Citizen sets!

If you want to look at the wonderful game Star Citizen go here:

And to see the Mustang in-game go here:


*Logos and Names of ship are property of Cloud Imperium Gaming.

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