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Big Truck

This Big Truck is one huge hauler. It has a long trailer, winch, lowering ramp and even a built-in bed for long nights. The trailer can accommodate most LEGO vehicles, even the new 8-wide chassis, as well as a grand total of 24 wheels, making it a ‘24 wheeler’. The truck and trailer’s estimated length is 54 studs, and 10 studs wide. It is a relaxing build, with a very satisfying result, and looks and performs great whether you are using it for display, or you are using it for play, and will please everyone from 4-year-olds to 68-year-old veteran truckers.

I personally am a great LEGO Truck fan, and that is one of the more prominent sub-themes in my collection, and I have especially loved just ‘big things’, so this truck was a great accomplishment for me. I think that this would be a great LEGO set as we haven’t seen many large haulers in the present years, and that trucks have a wide fan group, and so that this set would make a lot of people happy.
Thank you, and please support this if you want to see this one day on your local shop’s shelf!

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