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R2-D2 - Limited Edition Full Size Kenny Baker Artoo

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We have a chance to get back on the popular list, please share!

But it would require some sharing.

We have a little spike, please keep sharing :)

If we can keep the current rate going, we'll make that 5K extension (& the 10K as well) - *IF* we can keep up the pace of the last few days.

Please keep sharing!

Lego Droids Twitter, Facebook & YouTube

BTW, our droids have facebook pages, twitter accounts, and youtube channels, oh, and blogs.  MyL3G0 is the Lego R2-D2.  LegoBB8 is our BB-8, and ourMCKY is the mouse droid on most of those.

There are also lots of pictures on my flickr at 

Aiii, this is painful

Seems like we're going to get close to the 5K extension, but not close enough!  :(

"Last Chance" to support :)

If you didn't know, the rules have changed again, so now Artoo has two strikes against getting approved or resubmitted.  Well, we always knew it was a longshot, but for this to even begin to have a chance, we'll need to demonstrate a ton of support and interest for Artoo! 

So, please consider sharing!  Get us back on popular this week!  We can get to 10K and show Lego that people would love to see a set like this!


New completely different project...


I know it's completely different, but I posted this cool little maze, please check it out! could also use support for my Mini Disney Wonder cruise ship, help it get to 100 so it can start getting supporters for real...

Disney Microscale needs your help to get the 5K extension!

This really cool microscale needs only 85 more supporters to get the 5K extension, go help them out, we all love Disney, right?

Artoo didn't get to go... :(

But after seeing the Eilean Donan Castle Idea:​, I just had to share

Lego BB-8 and MCK-Y both visited there :)




R2 in the real world...

My Project is One with the Force. The Force is with it.

Here's Artoo helping out a while back at the Unicode Techical Committee.  I suspect he was weighing in on some of the latest emoji proposals.

My Project is One with the Force. The Force is with it.

Someone must have shared a lot, thanks!

Someone must have shared some because we got a lot more supporters in the last couple days.  If we keep it up we have a chance of getting back on the popular this week list again, so if you have new places to share, please give it a shot!


My Project is One with the Force. The Force is with it.

My Project is One with the Force. The Force is with it.

My Project is One with the Force. The Force is with it.

My Project is One with the Force. The Force is with it.

My Project is One with the Force. The Force is with it.

My Project is One with the Force. The Force is with it.

My Project is One with the Force. The Force is with it.

My Project is One with the Force. The Force is with it.

My Project is One with the Force. The Force is with it.

My Project is One with the Force. The Force is with it.

(Does this work if you cut & paste the line, or do you have to type it out each time? Chirrut spoke it carefully every single time, not just saying "Times two.  Times three."  I may have cheated too much.)

Keep sharing folks!

Lego Artoo is still in the hunt for now, but we need about double the current seven supporters per day to make the 5K extension!


LuisPG did a Rogue One Shuttle, take a look!

LuisPG did this Rogue One shuttle, If you like Star Wars, consider taking a look! 

L3-G0 attending local Rogue One premiere

L3-G0, the inspiration for this two legged static model, attended the Pacific Science Center's IMAX local premiere of Rogue One with a couple buddies: Lego BB-8 and MCK-Y, the Lego Mouse Droid.

Approaching 3rd page of the most supported list.

I wonder if that'll give us a little faster increase?  We need about 11 supporters per day to hit that 5K extension, but we're only about 4/day right now, so keep sharing folks!

We all know this one's been a pretty long shot to get Lego to do anything with it because of the size, and it's harder now with the tightened rules which we snuck through being grandfathered and all.  But we still have a chance to let them know we all would love to see some really cool ginormous sets!

Kenny & L3-G0

A couple commenters have mentioned Kenny Baker, the actor that played Artoo in the movies.  We were saddened to learn of his passing a while back :(

Kenny did have a chance to meet the 3-legged L3-G0 version last year at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim.

(Ideas crops some pictures funny, sorry 'bout that)

Someone mentioned Legoland... we've visited

Someone mentioned Legoland... we've visited

Dear Lego

I see that you have updated the terms of service to claim the assignment of the rights to my project for 3 years after you guys decide not to publish it.  When I had submitted this project those terms said something that rights would revert to me after you guys rejected it.  Though it was three years if I deleted the project.  This is a pretty huge change to your terms of service that I didn't really agree to.  I was willing to assign my rights to you for a year or two (the time it takes to expire), but three additional years is a pretty big deal.

I realize that since this is a pretty one-sided deal, you have reserved the right to update the terms at any time, however you also indicate that you will make reasonable efforts to notify us of major changes.  This is a pretty big change and I was not notified.  You have my email.  I realize there are no provisions for us to object to your new terms, but still.

Leg godt

Check out my ship, which is more likely to succeed with the new parts count rules

Please support my cruise ship. Since the rules were changed that is more likely to succeed.

New rule would not have approved it to post

As some of you have pointed out, there's a new rule that would have prevented them from posting this project.  Bummer.

We can still show our support!  Whether or not they choose this project, show Lego that fans are seriously interested in big projects!

Two related projects that folks might like

Check these out, a Rey's Home in At-At from TFA, really well done, I want this!  :)

And UCS Rey's Speeder -

Both are worth a look!

Well, thanks Lego for deleting some updates.

Hmm, so the updates weren't related, eh?

One that I notice has vanished is that Lego did sell Star Wars themed products for $10,000 - Which I suppose they didn't feel is pertinent, however one of the comments raised is that this set would be too expensive and there is no market.  So the fact that they did do so does seem to be relevant to the project to me.

Well, we slipped off popular and vacation

We've slipped off the popular list and I've tapped out the social media I know.  I'm going to be on vacation, but if you guys want to share on new social media sites and get him back up there while I'm gone I won't mind! :) 

I'll leave you for now with another picture of L3-G0. This is what happens when you try to make Lego R2's move at high speed!

It's one of my favorite pix, just love the expression on the sandperson.  Full size version is on - Thanks Masman8675 for telling me how to fix the funny cropping Ideas did!

Please remember to share!

Thanks to everyone that's supported & shared already!  Every project slows down after the initial "bump" from listing the project, and we're starting to slow down :(  We're in danger of falling off the popular list, which by itself isn't necessarily horrible, but it does indicate that we're losing traction. 

In short: If you guys want this to reach 10K and have a chance (however slim), we're going to need more sharing!  So please:  Tweet!  Pin!  Post!  Spam your friends!


Another Pix, on Endor...

Another picture of L3-G0, this time in Endor (Redwoods National Park).  Remember, he's a 3 legged droid, but I don't mind if you convert your Kenny Baker Limited Edition Artoo once it hits the shelves!  More about L3-G0 on his blog.

Please remember to share!


A picture, more to follow

Please keep sharing.  Remembered I had some pictures folks might think are fun - note, these are from L3-G0, my 3-legged version, this project is the all-Lego 2 legged build... I'll post more to give you a reason to come back, so please follow (& share).

Thanks for all the supporters!

People were wondering, so... Most of the inspiration for posting this is because people wanted instructions, or wanted to buy it from me.  That's not practical for several reasons (like if I gave out the instructions, what would happen to the price of white brick on Bricklink?  And if I sold it that'd be infringing on Lucasfilm's IP.)

Our droids live at (the 3 legged working R2-D2) (BB-8 of course - Not fully rolling yet). (Lego Mouse Droid, built like an RC Car) - A few other MOCs, Lego Cruise Ship, Space Needle, etc.

This project is a longshot!

This project is a longshot.  I totally get that.  I would totally appreciate constructive comments about how to increase the odds that Lego can make a case for it.  Constructive please, not "you're an idiot, this can't make it".

For sure, this can't be a "normal" Lego set with a 30K unit run.  It's going to need unique marketing and distribution.  It's possible Lego might be able to make that work, but we need to give it our best shot.


The Kenny Baker Artoo project is entirely Lego!

People keep asking - this project is entirely Lego.  That's part of why he's two legs and Kenny Baker version, for extra support. (read the description).

I included my other Lego R2-D2, L3-G0, in the photos and video because he's fun, similar, and has a following, but L3-G0 isn't entirely Lego - he's more like LEGOLAND's models with metal bones and stronger motors. 

I'd love Lego to make parts for larger projects - stronger big beams for bones, robotics that had more powerful motors and better sound - but Ideas requires projects to be entirely Lego, which is why this Kenny Baker Artoo project is entirely Lego.

However, even though he starts as an all-Lego project, you could still buy one and add lights or other fancy features, just like lots of other Lego MOCs out there.  The lightsaber video is a bit of an extreme example :)

Licensing, There's already a UCS R2-D2, and Size

Several people have asked about the viability of this project, so I’d like to take this opportunity to address some of those concerns. 

Three main concerns have been raised:
• Licensing
• Repeat of a theme
• Size / Cost of the project.

The first two are the simplest to address -- Supporters, please feel free to discuss this in the comments, anything to strengthen the business case and drive excitement for this project before Lego’s review would be very helpful.


The challenges around licensing shouldn’t be taken lightly, however to be fair, we fans have no clue what Lego’s licensing restrictions are.  Undoubtedly the licensing aspect means that we need a better case for this project.  The good news is that we do know that Lego has an agreement with Disney/Lucasfilm and that they continue to release sets in that theme. 

Additionally, we know that Lego rejects projects that they are clearly unable to license.  We also know that for other themes they were able to achieve the necessary rights and produce licensed Lego Ideas.  Yes, no Star Wars themed ideas have been approved, however that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible, only that we need to have a strong case and a little luck.

The bigger challenge here is that Lego is already working on Star Wars related projects and they may feel that this project won’t fit with their plans.  For example, if they are about to release a full-size BB-8, then a full-size Artoo might be too disruptive.  (Note: Lego, I have a full-size BB-8 plan if you want to discuss that )

They already did a UCS R2-D2

The fan theory is that Lego won’t do a more complex R2 build because they’ve already done a small UCS Artoo.  I have no idea where this myth came from.  Lego is a business.  If they think that the best way to make money is to do a 1:1 Artoo, there’s no rule preventing them from doing so.  It is true that we haven’t seen repeats of the UCS theme, but we do see remakes of other models like the Falcon.  Clearly Lego can decide to do a 1:1 scale R2-D2 with a good enough business case, however it would require appropriate marketing and an appropriate plan. 

Likely they wouldn’t call it “UCS” as that would tangle up the UCS brand.  But they could call it a Very Limited Special Edition or Extreme edition or something.  They could even use it to start a specialized line of very special sets aimed at the most serious builders. 

It’s Huge

Well, yea, 16,000 bricks are a lot of Lego!  It’s not unmanageable though.  I’ve built one.  My next project is closer to 20K bricks (despite that, it’ll be far simpler).  Lego is going to think out of the box here.  I’m not sure what their normal run size is, but I’ve heard that the minimum is 10K and I’ve seen something like 33K units being described as “limited”.  I don’t think I could sell Lego on a run of 33K of these, however they do have smaller runs of promotional sets and other specialties. 

What that means to us fans is that a 16K brick set at 10 cents/brick + the Lego Ideas premium + the Star Wars premium is going to be $2000 or more.  But if they can’t sell a 33K unit run, then a smaller run would have to bear the costs of the full development.  I don’t know what those costs are, but $100K would mean that they’d need to recoup $400 per set if they only ran 250.

All together then, this probably can’t be less than $2500 and it could be more like $4000.  Which, I’m sorry to say, is a lot of money, and a lot of us don’t have that to spare.  However, we know that Sideshow sells movie collectibles for thousands more, and that 16 people have paid $3500 for the UCS Falcon off ebay in the last month.  Clearly there is a small market that could support a run of 500 or 1000 units.

People ask to buy L3-G0 all the time and are willing to pay even more.  I can’t sell him because of the aforementioned licensing issues, but those asks are what inspired me to post this project here.

The trick is going to be selling Lego on that, demonstrating how it might be worth their time, and finding rewards that they can believe in.  I’ll have a further post aimed directly at Lego elaborating on how a 1:1 Lego R2-D2 is the right project for Lego.

So please don’t give up

Feel free to discuss this in the comments.  But let’s not give up just yet.  If we tell Lego that it’s not viable, well, then we fulfilled our own prophecy.  Yes, this is going to be a hard sell, but I’m confident that we can make the case for this set.  Instead, lets discuss how producing this project is the right thing.  Not just the right thing for the Lego community and the fans, but also that it’s the right thing for Lego.

Thanks for your support!  (And please don't forget to share ;-) )

Thanks for the good start, please keep sharing!


Thanks for helping us off to a good start!  Please keep sharing, let's see if we can make the "popular" list :)

Some folks have expressed concern about the size, etc.  I plan to have an update discussing that and how I think it might work, so please consider following as well as sharing.

Good sharing is almost better than supporting since it can get even more supporters! 

Another video of L3-G0 - The Kenny Baker model doesn't have all of this functionality, but this is the kind of thing folks could do with a bit of creativity...